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Add a bay leaf to your flour container or sugar container. This will keep insects out and won't affect the flavor.
Christmas Relish Tree
Submitted by Keldon C. See all of Keldon C.'s recipes. | November 29th, 2022
Ingredients are for 1 Serving.
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1 large
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1 package
2 heads
1 pound
2 medium
1 head
4 medium
4 large
The Styrofoam cone should be about 1 1/2 feet tall. This and Florist Picks can usually be purchased in an Arts and Crafts store.

- Separate the cauliflower into florets.
- Cut the carrots into 2 inch sticks.

Wash and separate endive. Remove the tough ends of each leaf.

Begin to form the tree by attaching endive leaves to the bottom of the Styrofoam cone with the florist picks.

Move upward, completely covering cone with endive.

Attach the vegetables to the endive covered cone with wooden toothpicks.

Arrange in your desired pattern to resemble a decorated Christmas tree.

Place the tree on a tray or cake stand.

Arrange extra vegetables around the base, if desired.

Serve with onion dip or ranch dressing.

Submitted by Keldon C. See all my recipes. | November 29th, 2022

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Put furniture wax on the bottom of your chair legs. It will keep them from scratching your floors.