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Use scissors to easily cut your dates, raisins and figs or other soft, sticky fruits. Dip the scissors in water periodically to stop the fruit from sticking.
Christmas Candy Canes
Submitted by Keldon C. See all of Keldon C.'s recipes. | November 12th, 2022
Ingredients are for 12 Piecess.
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Amount Unit Ingredient
3 cups
1/2 cup
3/4 cup
1/4 teaspoon
1 teaspoon
3/4 teaspoon
In a heavy saucepan, on medium heat, combine the sugar, water, corn syrup, and cream of tartar.

Heat until all of the ingredients are incorporated and the sugar has dissolved.

Divide equally into 2 heavy saucepans and boil, but do not stir.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of peppermint to each pot when the liquid reaches 280°F in each saucepan.

Remove from heat.

Add red liquid food coloring to 1 batch, but not the other.

Let cool until you can handle it comfortably, but don't let it get too cool, you won't be able to form it.

Pour out onto an enamel or marble table, separating them so they don't mix together. 2 large sheet pans will also work.

Like making taffy; you stretch and fold over each batch separately; stretch, fold over, stretch, fold over, etc.

Do this until the light batch (without the red food coloring) is white.

Form the candy into ropes of red and white and line them up beside each other.

Twist the candy ropes around each other, until you get the striping that you like.

Cut to the sizes you like, keeping in mind, you need to make the candy cane hook.

Form into a candy cane shape.

Allow the canes to harden on the oiled surface.

Now they're ready to decorate your tree.

Submitted by Keldon C. See all my recipes. | November 12th, 2022

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Add a 1/4 cup of milk to the water when boiling cauliflower. It will help keep your cauliflower white.