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Apple Pork Chops
Submitted by Keldon C. See all of Keldon C.'s recipes. | November 4th, 2022

Ingredients are for 6 Servings.
Scale It
Amount Unit Ingredient
6 medium
2 teaspoons
1 dash
1 pinch
3 large
1 teaspoon
1/4 teaspoon
Optional Ingredients
Amount Unit Ingredient
1/8 teaspoon
Additional Info:

You can substitute corn oil or vegetable oil for the pork fat.

Trim the fat from the pork chops. Reserve the fat and set aside.

Wash and core the apples and cut into 1/2 inch slices.

In a hot pan, on medium heat, saute the pork fat with 1 teaspoon of butter.

Add the pork chops. Season with salt and pepper. Cook to the temperature you enjoy.

Remove the pork chops to a platter. Set aside and keep warm.

In the same pan, add the sliced apples with the remaining 1 teaspoon of butter. Add sugar, cinnamon and ground cloves.

Cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes, turning once or twice until the apples are browned, but still firm.

Arrange the apple mixture around the pork chops and serve hot.

Submitted by Keldon C. See all my recipes. | November 4th, 2022

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