Preparation Time - 15 Minutes
Preparation Method - Food Processor

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To make sure your eggs are fresh and safe, use a simple water test. Submerge your egg in a bowl of water: fresh eggs will sink to the bottom, while older, less fresh eggs float. This easy test helps you quickly determine an egg's freshness before use.

Quick Black Pepper Pasta

If you eliminate the black pepper from this recipe, you have made a basic semolina pasta dough.

Chiara R. | April 28th, 2024

Ingredients are for 4 Servings
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Qty Unit Ingredient
1 1/2 cups Semolina Flour
2 teaspoons Black Peppercorns » finely ground
1/2 cup Water » warm
Prep Time Process Time Overall Time
15 Minutes 10 Minutes 25 minutes

1. Place the semolina flour and ground peppercorns in the work bowl of a food processor that has been fitted with the steel blade.

2. Process for 30 seconds to combine. With the motor running, add the warm water through the feed tube.

3. Process until a ball of dough is formed that cleans the sides of the work bowl.

4. Remove the dough from the processor and cut by hand or with a pasta machine to the size you enjoy.

5. Fresh Black Pepper Pasta takes anywhere from 4 minutes to 10 minutes to cook in a pot of boiling, salted water, depending how thick you've cut your noodles.

Submitted by Chiara R. | April 28th, 2024 See all of Chiara R.'s Recipes.

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