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Wrap your celery in tin foil, also known as aluminum foil, when you bring it home from the store. This will keep your celery delicious and crispy for up to 3 times longer.
Breakfast Toast
Submitted by Keldon C. See all of Keldon C.'s recipes. | January 5th, 2022

Ingredients are for 1 Serving.
Scale It
Quantity Unit Ingredient
1 slice
3 medium
1 slice
1 teaspoon
3 slices
2 tablespoons

Preheat oven to 350°F / 180°C / Gas Mark 4

Sauté the mushrooms and bacon. Toast and butter the whole wheat bread.

Place toast on baking sheet. Cover the toast with the mushrooms and bacon mixture. Arrange the tomato slices on the toast and sprinkle the Parmesan Cheese on top.

Bake in a preheated 350°F oven until cheese melts. Enjoy.

Submitted by Keldon C. See all my recipes. | January 5th, 2022

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When measuring molasses for your recipe; lightly coat your measuring cup or measuring spoon with cooking spray. The thick syrup will slip right off and ensure an accurate measurement.