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Ingredient - Dark Brown Sugar
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Updated January 4th, 2022

Dark Brown Sugar, like its lighter counterpart, is refined white sugar with molasses added in. It contains more molasses than light brown sugar, which gives it a stronger, more intense flavor. Light and dark brown sugar can be used interchangeably in your recipes.

Different colours of brown sugar will contain higher amounts of molasses, as a light brown sugar will have 3.5% and a dark brown sugar will range about 6.5% molasses. Some commercial grades can be up to 10% molasses.

Brown sugar will caramelize much easier than regular white sugar, an effect that will give a stronger flavor of caramel to glazes and gravies while cooking.

You can make your own dark brown sugar at home: Combine three tablespoons of molasses with one cup of white sugar. At first stir with a spoon, then rub with your fingers and watch it transform into brown sugar.

Convenient and economical.

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