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Add a little milk to the water when boiling cauliflower. It will make the cauliflower remain white.

Feta Cheese
Shared by: Keldon C.

1 pint Goat's Milk
1 gallon Raw Milk
1 cup White Vinegar
1/2 cup Salt
1 1/2 cup Water

In a large pot bring goat's milk and raw milk to a vigorous boil. Add the vinegar and remove from heat.

Line a strainer or colander with cheese cloth. Place this over a large bowl. Pour the now curdled liquid through the cheese cloth. Let it drain into the bowl for one day. Cut into 2 inch square pieces and place in a container that has a lid.

Boil salt in water and cool to room temperature. Pour this into the container with the cheese and store in the refrigerator.

If you want to use this Feta cheese right away; omit the salt water solution step. The cheese will have a milder taste, but it works. The salt water is the preservative for storing your cheese in the refrigerator.
Keldon C. 8/22/2021 8:25 pm

Add dill or mint to the curds to give your Feta extra flavour. You can add whatever herbs you enjoy.

Tips and Hacks

You can season a new frying pan by boiling vinegar in it before the first use.

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