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Don't throw pasta up against the wall to see if it's cooked. That's a myth and makes the wall hard to clean.

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+ / - Recipe Name Rating Submitted By Ingredients Ethnic
Absolute Stress Not Rated Keldon C. 5 Canada
Acorn Squash Seeds Keldon C. 3 Canada
All Dressed Spaghetti Keldon C. 10 Canada
Almond Breakfast Round Not Rated Keldon C. 14 Canada
Apple Sauce Brownies Not Rated Keldon C. 12 Canada
Asparagus Won Tons Keldon C. 6 Canada
Bacon & Tomato Pasta Toss Keldon C. 9 Canada
Baking Powder Keldon C. 2 Canada
Baking Powder Biscuits Keldon C. 7 Canada
Banana Butter Karen M. 5 Canada
Basic Chicken Stock Keldon C. 11 Canada
Basic Mashed Potatoes Keldon C. 7 Canada
Basic Pie Crust Keldon C. 5 Canada
Bear Pot Roast Not Rated Keldon C. 7 Canada
Beef Curry Not Rated Keldon C. 9 Canada
Beef Stroganoff Keldon C. 7 Canada
Biscuit Mix Not Rated Keldon C. 8 Canada
Black Bean Soup Keldon C. 18 Canada
Black Currant Jam Not Rated Deb D. 4 Canada
Blonde Brownies Keldon C. 9 Canada
Bon Appetit Seasoning Not Rated Keldon C. 3 Canada
Braised Turkey Wings Keldon C. 10 Canada
Breakfast Toast Keldon C. 6 Canada
Buttery Rice Pilaf Not Rated Keldon C. 5 Canada
Chicken Broth Not Rated Keldon C. 6 Canada
Chili Macaroni Keldon C. 11 Canada
Chocolate Cake Keldon C. 6 Canada
Clam & Tomato Linguine Keldon C. 10 Canada
Cooking Bear Not Rated Keldon C. 1 Canada
Cornish Hens With Autumn Fruit Keldon C. 15 Canada
Cranberry - Apple Pudding Not Rated Keldon C. 10 Canada
Cranberry Juice Keldon C. 3 Canada
Crystallized Ginger Keldon C. 3 Canada
Currant Scones Keldon C. 6 Canada
Deb's Bread Pudding Not Rated Deb D. 11 Canada
Deli Style Sandwiches Not Rated Keldon C. 6 Canada
Dill Pickles Keldon C. 6 Canada
Fudgy Cake For Hanukkah Not Rated Keldon C. 17 Canada
Ground Beef Fajitas Deb D. 14 Canada
Homemade Pickles Keldon C. 10 Canada
Homemade Worcestershire Sauce Keldon C. 13 Canada
Honey Butter Sauce Not Rated Keldon C. 4 Canada
Honey Cinnamon Butter Not Rated Keldon C. 3 Canada
Honey Nut Sauce Not Rated Keldon C. 4 Canada
Kahlua Ice Cream Pie Keldon C. 8 Canada
Lamb Stock Keldon C. 8 Canada
Lavender Ice Cream Keldon C. 6 Canada
Lemon Bars Not Rated Keldon C. 7 Canada
Maple Syrup Keldon C. 5 Canada
Marinated Cantaloupe & Strawberries Keldon C. 8 Canada
Mulled Cranberry Juice Keldon C. 9 Canada
Oatmeal With Dates Keldon C. 4 Canada
Onion Soup Mix Keldon C. 4 Canada
Peanut Butter Treats Keldon C. 5 Canada
Piccalilli Keldon C. 16 Canada
Pickling Spice Not Rated Keldon C. 6 Canada
Poppy Seed Almond Muffins Keldon C. 9 Canada
Powdered Sugar Karen M. 1 Canada
Pumpkin Pie Keldon C. 11 Canada
Pumpkin Pie Spice Keldon C. 5 Canada
Quick Worcestershire Sauce Keldon C. 5 Canada
Red Currant Jelly Not Rated Karen M. 5 Canada
Rice Pudding Keldon C. 9 Canada
Roasted Spice Nuts Not Rated Keldon C. 6 Canada
Sausage Breakfast Casserole Keldon C. 7 Canada
Sea Bass With Black Olive Sauce Keldon C. 10 Canada
Seasoned Ground Beef Keldon C. 6 Canada
Shrimp Appetizer Keldon C. 11 Canada
Spicy Sauce For Oysters Keldon C. 4 Canada
Spicy Vinegar Nuts Not Rated Karen M. 6 Canada
Tart Apple Sauce Karen M. 5 Canada
Toasted Pumpkin Seeds Not Rated Keldon C. 4 Canada
Tomato Noodle Soup Keldon C. 9 Canada
Tomato Soup Not Rated Keldon C. 7 Canada
Vegetable Broth Not Rated Keldon C. 12 Canada
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Tips and Hacks

Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on your sliced fruits, such as apples, avocados, bananas, peaches and pears. This will keep them from turning brown.

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