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Tips and Hacks

Before storing carrots or beets, cut the greens off. If you don't do this, the tops will continue to pull moisture and nutrients from the vegetables.

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+ / - Recipe Name Rating Submitted By Ingredients Ethnic
Ajvar Keldon C. 8 Croatia
All Dressed Spaghetti Not Rated Keldon C. 10 Canada
Andalusian Partridge Keldon C. 13 Spain
Bacon & Tomato Pasta Toss Keldon C. 9 Canada
Baked Bluefish Keldon C. 6 New Zealand
Baked Milkfish Keldon C. 8 Philippines
Bear Pot Roast Not Rated Keldon C. 7 Canada
Beef Curry Not Rated Keldon C. 9 Canada
Beef Stroganoff Keldon C. 7 Canada
Black Bean Soup Keldon C. 18 Canada
Braised Chicken Giblets Not Rated Keldon C. 11 United States
Braised Turkey Wings Keldon C. 10 Canada
Cauliflower Soup With Dumplings Keldon C. 11 Czech Republic
Chicken And Celery In Oyster Sauce Keldon C. 8 Chinese
Chicken Veggie Pie Keldon C. 17 United States
Chili Macaroni Keldon C. 11 Canada
Clam & Tomato Linguine Keldon C. 10 Canada
Cock A Leekie Soup Keldon C. 9 Australian
Cooking Bear Not Rated Keldon C. 1 Canada
Cornish Hens With Autumn Fruit Keldon C. 15 Canada
Cure All Chicken Soup Not Rated Keldon C. 14 United States
Dill Pickle Soup Keldon C. 15 Poland
Dill Pickle Soup Not Rated Keldon C. 13 Poland
Fettuccine With Blue Cheese Keldon C. 8 United States
Ground Beef Fajitas Deb D. 14 Canada
Lamb With Spinach Keldon C. 15 Afghanistan
Maple Basted Bluefish Keldon C. 4 Australian
Marinated Beef Keldon C. 10 Japan
Mussels In Sherry Keldon C. 6 New Zealand
Mutton Irish Stew Not Rated Keldon C. 7 Ireland
Red Beans And Rice Not Rated Keldon C. 12 France
Roast Beef With Fruit Keldon C. 17 Brazil
Sea Bass With Black Olive Sauce Keldon C. 10 Canada
Shad Roe Not Rated Keldon C. 9 United States
Spicy Eggplant Salad Keldon C. 8 Afghanistan
Squab With Roasted Salt And Pepper Not Rated Keldon C. 5 Chinese
Squid With Garlic & Tomato Keldon C. 9 Philippines
Stewing Lamb Soup Not Rated Keldon C. 15 Algeria
Stuffed Sheep's Hearts Not Rated Keldon C. 10 Great Britain
Sweet Pumpkin Keldon C. 11 Afghanistan
Zesty Spaghetti Squash Not Rated Keldon C. 8 United States
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Tips and Hacks

When boiling rice add a little olive oil to the water. This will keep the rice from clumping and sticking together.

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