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Tips and Hacks

A drop or two of red food coloring will turn grapefruit sections pale pink making them into very convincing thumbs at Halloween.

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+ / - Recipe Name Rating Submitted By Ingredients Ethnic
Anchovy Butter Keldon C. 4 Italy
Baked Bluefish Keldon C. 6 New Zealand
Baked Milkfish Keldon C. 8 Philippines
Clam & Tomato Linguine Keldon C. 10 Canada
Corncakes With Salmon Roe Not Rated Keldon C. 11 United States
Crab Casserole Not Rated Keldon C. 7 United States
Maple Basted Bluefish Keldon C. 4 Australian
Mock Roe Keldon C. 9 Chinese
Mussels In Sherry Keldon C. 6 New Zealand
Octopus Appetizers Keldon C. 7 United States
Sea Bass With Black Olive Sauce Keldon C. 10 Canada
Shad Roe Not Rated Keldon C. 9 United States
Shrimp Appetizer Keldon C. 11 Canada
Shrimp Paste Not Rated Keldon C. 7 Chinese
Snails Menetrel Not Rated Keldon C. 11 Antilles
Squid With Garlic & Tomato Keldon C. 9 Philippines
Steamed Cockles Keldon C. 9 South Korea
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Tips and Hacks

If your bananas are on the verge of going bad, stick them in the freezer. The skins will turn brown, but you can still use the fruit for a later use.

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