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Butternut Squash & Macaroni
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Filed Under Main Dish
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Shared by: Dee A.
Yields 6 Portions
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1 each peeled, seeded Butternut squash
1/4 cup White miso
1/4 cup hot Water
1/4 cup Nutritional yeast flakes
2 tablespoon Tahini paste
3 tablespoon Tamari
1/2 teaspoon Black pepper
1 pound Elbow macaroni
1/2 cup Bread crumbs

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30 Minutes

30 Minutes

1 Hour

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Preheat oven to 350°F / Gas Mark 4

Lightly oil a 1 1/2 quart baking dish.
Peel, seed and cube the Butternut Squash

Put 1 inch of water in a large saucepan with a steamer basket and bring to a gentle boil. Put the butternut squash in the steamer basket, cover and steam until the squash is tender, 25 to 30 minutes. Cool.

Put 1/2 steamed squash, white miso, hot water, yeast flakes, tahini, tamari and pepper in a blender; blend until smooth.

Meanwhile, in large pot of lightly salted boiling water, cook the macaroni until just tender, about 8 minutes. Drain well. Transfer to a large bowl. Add the tahini-squash mixture. Add the remaining cubed squash and mix well.

Transfer the macaroni mixture to the baking dish. Sprinkle the top with bread crumbs. Bake until heated through, about 20 minutes. Serve immediately.