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Fried Kelp
South Korea South Korea
Shared by: Linda P.

12 each dried Black Kelp
1 cup Corn oil
2 tablespoons Sugar

Note: Also known as Da Shima Twigim; Fried Seaweed

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30 Minutes

Note: Also known as Da Shima Twigim; Fried Seaweed

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Wipe each piece of the dried kelp with a damp cloth.

Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. One at a time, put a very lightly dampened piece of kelp in the hot oil, holding it with chopsticks, until the color changes to dark green. Bubbles will appear on the kelp surface and it will develop a crispness.

While the kelp is still hot sprinkle on a few grains of sugar. The sugar will cling to the kelp when it is still hot and just removed from the oil.

Eat as a snack food with tea or a drink.

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