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+ Dish Name Rating Options Comments
Acapulco Sunrise
Submitted by Second Banana
Baked Fish
Submitted by Esther R.
Broiled Flounder
Submitted by Peggy T.
Not Rated Edit
Catfish Fritters
Submitted by Dee A.
Not Rated Edit
Catfish With Dijon Sauce
Submitted by Dee A.
Not Rated Edit
Double Salmon Spread
Submitted by Esther R.
Not Rated Edit
Fish Chowder with Pineapple
Submitted by Dee A.
Edit Also known as Ka Diam Dua
Fish Soup
Submitted by Dee A.
Not Rated Edit
George's Fish Batter
Submitted by Donna K.
Edit This fish batter is best if you let it stand for 1 hour before dredging your fish.
Halibut Cheeks And Vermouth
Submitted by Minnie D.
Halibut Cheeks With Chive Sauce
Submitted by Donna K.
Not Rated Edit
Halibut Cheeks With Lemon Butter
Submitted by Donna K.
Not Rated Edit
Halibut Hawaiian
Submitted by Second Banana
Layered Salmon Pie
Submitted by Julie A.
Not Rated Edit
Lemon Catfish
Submitted by Dee A.
Not Rated Edit Marinade in the refrigerator overnight before cooking.
Microwave Stuffed Trout
Submitted by Donna K.
Not Rated Edit
Salmon Luncheon Pie
Submitted by Second Banana
Not Rated Edit
Salmon Sesame Dip
Submitted by Connie K.
Not Rated Edit
Stuffed Whiting
Submitted by Hae S.
Not Rated Edit Also known as (tongt'ae Sundae Gui)
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